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In my newsletter, I include links to the original house listing which have additional info, extra photos, and contact info of the seller.

Info On Buying A House in Japan

Buying a house in Japan as a non-resident has its share challenges. I'll guide you on your journey with helpful articles and information.

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  • I include links to the original listings, where you can find additional info, photos, and contact information for the sellers. 
  • Helpful information about buying property, living in Japan, and owning a vacation home.
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  • I may occasionally include listings over $100k if I find something that is exceptional value for your money. 
  • Many of the best listings are only available in Japanese, so many of the links are to Japanese websites. They are easy to view in English using Google Translate.
  • You do NOT have to pay me any sort of commission if you end up buying a house. But I would love to hear from you if you do 🙂

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